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~Digital Shrine~

Welcome to the profile section!! ^-^ Here are the characters in Digimon Tamers where you can learn about them. I would be adding more up later. But for now,Enjoy! = ^-~=

Takato Matsuki/Matsuda


Name: Takato Matuski/ Matsuda
Age: 10 years old
Digimon: Guilmon/
D-Arc: Red
Description: Takato loves to draw and he lives in Tokyo. His digimon partner is Guilmon, which he had created and was scanned by his D-Arc. He is very obedient but is not a strong fighter. He is also the new leader and the new gogglge boy in Digimon Tamers.

Jenyra Lee/ Henry Wong


Name: Jenyra Lee/ Henry Wong
Age: 10
Digimon: Terriermon
D-Arc: Green
Description: Jenyra is the smart and reliable person in the group. He lives in Tokyo, Japan. His father is Japanese and his mother is Chinese. His relationship with Terriermon is very close and he believes that all digimon are friends.

Ruki Makino/ Ruki Nonaka


Name: Ruki Makino/ Ruki Nonaka
Age: 10
Digimon: Renamon
D-Arc: Blue
Description: Ruki is unlike any other female digidestineds before her. She has an attitude and enjoys fighting a lot. She thinks that digimon are for fighting than as real creatures. Her digimon partner is Renamon. Rika is also a genius girl who has won the championship in digimon card game rally. Through the people and digimon around her, Rika learns the meaning of friendship and kindness.