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~Digital Shrine~

Hey Everyone!!!! Welcome to the fanfiction page where you check out exclusive stories from fan authors!!! ^-^ ( Like meh! lol ) For updates, I have added TWO chapters of my story " Return of Darkeness." But other than that, PLEASE SEND IN YOUR FANFICTIONS!!!! As long as they are about Season 3 or have season 3, send it in! I'll be happy to put it up!! YOu don't see me complaining about;;; So anyways, that's it for now! Please send more in!!! Ja for now!

Digitalgirl's fanfics:

Return of Darkness

Return of Darkness: Part 2

Return of Darkness is an Adventure story and General. It's about Henry getting very close getting kidnapped, but was lucky and had a chance to get away. On the other world, Ken had the same thing which happened to him, though his conditions were a bit harmful than Henrys. Now seperately, the Tamers and Digidestined are trying to find out who is doing this and why. I WILL add Romance when I post chapter 3 and so on. Hope you enjoy this! ^-^