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~Digital Shrine~
Episode Guide

1."Guilmon Comes Alive"
Description: Calumon is chased and appears in the real world. Meanwhile, Takato is a normal, obedient boy in grade 5 of elementary school. Going around the school is the Digimon craze and Takato is no exception. Takato and his friends play the Digimon card game and they all enjoy it. One morning, after Takato and his friends played the game, fate dealed Takato a mysterious card a blue card. A blue card that up to now has never been seen. The doors of adventure open for Takato as soon as he swipes this blue card through his card reader. Takato is surprised when his card reader sparks, but runs off to class. Since he has to sit the hallway, and Digimon is on his mind, Takato decides to sketch his own Digimon character. All day, all Takato can think about is what happened earlier. While stuck in detention, Takato runs in Juri and her puppet scares him. As soon as he can, Takato runs back to where he keeps his cards. When he opens his tin, he finds his card reader glowing. It falls to the ground and transforms into a D-arc. Takato takes a look at it, but soon returns home and goes up to his room. Going through his cards, Takato comes up with the idea to try and scan his Guilmon drawing into his D-Arc. It doesn't work, so Takato leaves it on his desk. As he is about to go downstairs, he notices that the D-Arc is reading and scanning his notebook all by itself. Next thing Takato knows, a digiegg has appeared on his D-Arc. Takato is thrilled at this. That night, Takato sees Rika and Renamon battle Lynxmon. His eyes open wide at the battle he witnesses. He wonders if it was all a dream. Meanwhile, Calumon wanders around the city. The next day, Takato tries to tell his friends, but they don't believe him. When he is left alone, he takes out his D-Arc to find the egg on the screen broken. Panic fills Takato's body as he begins to hit buttons. After awhile, he finds a radar like screen that points him towards the center of town. A beam of light appears, and as it does, Guilmon begins to travel to the real world. Thanks to destiny, Takato's own digimon sketch is now his very own digimon partner Guilmon! The next act of the story has just begun

2."Digimon, Digimon Everywhere"
Description: After watching Guilmon blast a wall, Takato's frightened of Guilmon and what he's going to do. Instead of attacking, like Takato feared, Guilmon just smiles innocently. Takato is revealed and thrilled to have Guilmon as a friend. The pair soon faces a problem, as concealing Guilmon is a hard job. They manage though using a cardboard box, but are almost stopped by Takato's parents. The next day, Takato takes some food from his parents for himself and Guilmon. Leaving Guilmon out of sight with some food, Takato heads off to school. Little does he know that a box with a tail is following him. *giggles* Searching for Takato, Guilmon wanders around on school grounds. When he runs into a teacher in the hallway, the teacher panics and pulls the fire alarm. This alerts Takato and he goes to investigate. On the way, he realizes the school has been turned upside down. Takato goes into a panic trying to find his digimon partner. Can Takato find Guilmon? And who is this boy who understands the digimon? Is he a friend or foe?

3."To Fight Or Not To Fight"
Description: Thanks to Guilmon, the school is in a state of panic. This damaged the young Tamer Takato's confidence. But now that Takato and Guilmon are reunited, their friendship has grown. Guilmon receives a sudden attack and is blown into a wire fence. It was Renamon, the digimon partner of the girl Rika. They decide to declare battle on Takato and Guilmon. Renamon attacks, but Takato does not wish to fight. It looks like the new friends are in trouble, when Henry interferes. Rika strongly believes that digimon only exist to fight. Henry tells her that digimon are much more than that! He tells her that digimon are friends. Takato is scared of losing Guilmon while worrying about the two opposing ideas. Do digimon only exist to fight? Could the confrontation between Renamon and Guilmon be avoided? And what's going to happen to Terriermon for interfering in the battle? A big step is about to be taken!

4."It Came From the Other Side"
Description: Rika declared battle on Takato one-sidedly. Henry's becomes involved and Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon. The fight is stopped by a shocking development. Gargomon is firing bullets at random everywhere, destroying everything around. Henry tries his best to stop his partner, but cannot seem to get through. Even worse, Gargomon turns his attacks on Rika. Guilmon manages to save Rika. Henry is upset and worried. Afterward, Takato and Henry try to figure out why Terriermon was able to evolve and figure it was a reject evolution. That evolution nightmare was still on everyone's minds. The next day, Takato meets up with Henry. Suddenly, a strange fog appears behind them. Frightened, Takato, Henry and their partners run away. However, the fog continues to follow them. After Takato moves in another direction, it becomes clear that the mysterious fog is after Henry. The fog manages to catch up to them, and a digimon appears before Henry and Terriermon. It's Gorillamon and all he wants to do is fight. Gorillamon attacks, but since Terriermon and Henry are worried, they are afraid to fight at full force. Can Henry and Terriermon get over this desperate crisis? What past event occurred between them? And how did Henry become a Tamer?

5."Dream A Little Dream"
Description: The reason why Henry kept refusing the evolution was because of the reckless events that occurred as well as other events in the past. Thanks to a strong attack from Terriermon, and a card slash from Henry, Gorillamon was defeated. Takato learned something important about how two people can get over a crisis without any evolutions, but by working together. A mysterious event just took place at Takato's school. Mysterious lime lines have been drawn all over the schoolyard. The event's unknown cause has led some kids to make up ghost stories. Also, rumors are flying around that Guilmon's appearance and the lines are no coincidence. Watching a game, Calumon dreams of being able to play soccer. However, Takato discovers the criminal and it turns out to be a little digimon Calumon. Takato consults with Henry to find a suitable partner for the little digimon. They look at the plus and minus sides of the people around them and consider all the candidates. Calumon wants to play. Can they find a suitable partner? And what is the reason for Calumon being in the real world?

6."O Partner, Where Art Thou?"
Description: Takato does not agree with Rika about how Digimon are treated like tools to help out at the dangerous points. Takato attempts to talk to Rika, but Rika is not about to listen. Rika's teacher calls her mother for a parent-teacher meeting. Her mother leaves work and is very disappointed in her daughter. The next day at school, a digital fog appears. Rika rushes to it. However, arriving at the scene with the enemy digimon, Rika finds she's over her head and requires the help of the other Tamers. Henry and Takato see the fog and come running to her aid. Rika becomes frustrated in battle and wishes Renamon to evolve. Even when told repetitively, Renamon does not evolve. If Renamon did, Rika could have won without others help. This irritates Rika even more. At night, Renamon find a strange digimon that claims to have no partner. The mystery behind the partner's existence is blocked. What is the mystery behind the Tamers? Who is this dark digimon? And what will Rika do without Renamon at her side?

7."Now You See It, Now You Don't"
Description: Now that Rika and Renamon begin to understand each other, Renamon is able to evolve into Kyuubimon. Takato and Guilmon set out to find Calumon, but run into Rika and talk with her. He finds her at the two are able to chat at her house. Afterwards, Guilmon suddenly begins to disappear and Takato is fearful. Takato panics and goes to Henry and Rika. The digimon's fate has been written. Those born from data, return to data. Takato, Henry and Rika go in search of Guilmon and find a portal into a strange dimension. Inside, they find that they are floating. Takato spots Guilmon, and gets to him just in time. What's behind all this? Who are the people monitoring their actions? And what's the real purpose of the Tamer?

8."A Question Of Trust"
Description: All three cooperated and were able to get Guilmon back. In class, instead of doing arithmetic, Takato draws Guilmon's evolved form. He calls it... Growlmon! That night, Takato and Guilmon go to the park where Takato leaves him with some food. Takato unexpectedly runs into a police officer. Later, Impmon appears and converses with Guilmon. He leaves and wanders around the park. Impmon spots Devidramon in a fog shield. Impmon mocks him, then accidentally releases him. Devidramon is now on the loose! Guilmon meets up with Takato and the battle begins. Devidramon pins Guilmon against the wall. It seems as if all hope is lost until Takato's D-arc begins to glow and Guilmon is able to evolve into Growlmon! With Growlmon on their side, can they defeat Devidramon? Why is a mysterious organization watching the battle? And where are all these digimon coming from?

9."Not As Seen On TV"
Description: Takato is happy that Guilmon was able to evolve into Growlmon, but for some reason, Growlmon has not de-evolved and continues to stay Growlmon. Growlmon's gigantic figure troubles Takato. If Growlmon returns to Takato's house, he'll be discovered for sure. Takato tries to think of a way to get Growlmon to return to his original form. It's possible to get Growlmon to return to the form of Guilmon, but how? Why isn't Growlmon's evolution wearing off?

10."The Icemon Cometh"
Description: Rika's doubts come into focus. Experience can not be stacked. Guilmon was able to evolve without Takato being strict. In fact, Takato was very kind-hearted. Rika believed that she only wanted a digimon that was strong. She treated Renamon with a cold-heart and Renamon became strong. Rika can't understand why Guilmon could be strong with Takato's kindness. Rika begins to question her relationship with her digimon. Without understanding herself, Rika feels with unreasonable anger and snaps at Renamon. She tells Renamon that she's just a digimon and not a partner. Unable to understand Rika's heart, Renamon leaves confused. Rika wonders around confused. Finding a great opportunity, a white shadow follows her. Rika sees the digimon, and as if by instinct, follows it. The next thing she knows, she is surrounded by white. Icedevimon has kidnapped Rika! Where is Rika now? Will Takato and Henry come to her aid? Will Renamon come to her aid? And can anything save Rika and Renamon's relationship?

11."Much Ado About Musyamon"
Description: A thick fog spread through an intersection suddenly. Terriermon feels the presence of Impmon and wishes to investigate the evil digimon. Henry doesn't allow it. The digital field is forceful, and Yamaki releases a "yuggoth." The yuggoth cases the digimon in the digital field to disappear. Terriermon watches the disappearing digital field dissatisfied. Terriermon feels useless. Henry doesn't even answer him honestly. Terriermon is a friend. A friend does not wish to see a murder and do nothing about it. So, Terriermon wishes to fight. Denying Terriermon to fight is to deny Terriermon as a digimon. Henry is frightened and shakes. It is destiny that says that two beings must fight. Without giving them time to think, the yoggoth appears again! Will Henry allow Terriermon to fight? Why is Henry holding back? And what exactly is this yuggoth?

12."Rika and Renamon - The Crisis of the Bond!"*
Description: A man in sunglasses waits for Takato and Henry. He is Yamaki, the man who witnessed their battles at an Administration Bureau. Yamaki advises Takato and Henry to stop playing dangerously. Yamaki's words are left in Takato's mind, making him sense an unlucky premonition. Rika still tries to sort out her feelings about Renamon and digimon in general. She feels for them, but her pride is too strong. Renamon is also concerned. Rika and Renamon meet, but find even though a million things need to be said, not one word is spoken. Renamon wishes to prove her strength and worth to Rika. Renamon and Rika consider each other. Can the two return to being partners? And what is the true intention of Yamaki? Why did he contact Takato? The true destiny awaits!

13."In Order to Capture the Digimon - Foreshadowing Disaster!"*
Description: In the darkness of the night, Takato and Guilmon fight a battle against Darklizamon, a cruel digimon. When Takato and Guilmon are about to finish him off, the light of a searchlight illuminates their position. Consequently, a canister of tear-gas is thrown and trouble erupts. A man from the Bureau of Administrative Services stands before them. He is Yamaki. Yamaki advises that Takato not play dangerously. Yamaki gave a side-glance to Darklizamon. Even though Takato was protecting Guilmon, Yamaki's self-confidence creates fear inside Takato. Furthermore, a delicate change has occurred within Takato himself. He fears that Guilmon will evolve into Growlmon with wild instincts. If this happens, Takato worries his voice won't reach him. Takato is told that the only way Guilmon will become strong is if it evolves. This leaves Takato in an awkward state. Takato's feelings differ from Guilmon's and a fear that they will drift apart appears. Takato goes to investigate the Bureau of Administrative Services. The Digimon capture order has been sent out. What is Yamaki's purpose? Can Takato sort out his feelings? And can Takato stand up as a Tamer again?

14."The Digimon Raising - Megalogrowmon's Super Evolution!"*
Description: A shade of blue appears in the night sky. The cruel fate that involves the Digimon, disassembles the data. They regard all digimon as an enemy. Only after another look at the light in Takato's heart, can they see that they must keep going. It is but that time. The situation no one expects occurs. An enormous pillar of light appears. Yamaki trembles at the unexpected occurrence. Furthermore, he informed of another surprise. The enormous Digimon gets off the ground and stands. Both Renamon and Terriermon try to attack, but the difference in strength and capability is pretty large, and the two digimon are simply repelled. Guilmon stands strong and receives one attack after another. An enemy of wonder appears before the children. Is a partner's strength enough? Can Takato fulfil his mission as a Tamer? And what is this evolution that a new blue card leads to? Will the three finally become a team?

15."Lots Of Panic - An Enormous Snake Appears!"*
Description: Being enthusiastic, Takato and his classmates go off. Henry and Rika had appeared in the town to run an errand. While waiting for a subway, Rika suddenly feels something strange. Within an instant, an enormous snake appears. Rika pursues the digimon. Henry follows, but the bitter fight is forced by the capability of the enemy. Furthermore, Takato and Guilmon are preoccupied with Takato's classmates. In the subway, the fangs of the enormous snake attack. Can Henry and Rika stop this digimon? And can Takato and Guilmon get to the fight in time?

16."Protect the Light of the Town - Dangerous Camp of Digimon"*
Description: The sightseeing bus arrives at Takato and Henry's elementary school. It's the day of a camping trip for everyone in Takato's grade. Takato secretly brings Guilmon along. Calumon, too, decides to tag along. Takato and Guilmon somehow find themselves cooperating with Kazu and Kenta. A small reaction then occurs within the D-arc. What is this reaction? And what threatens the light of the town? Takato and Henry must fight for peace in order to protect camp! And how can a ghost story from a teacher shake them so much?

17."Chase the Blue Card - Rapidmon's Moment!"*
Description: Playing the card game with Kenta, Henry gained a health card. The expectation that it was a normal card was shattered when Henry card slashed it. For after the card slash was done, the first thought normal card turned into a blue card! Takato and Henry wished to figure out the secret of the blue card as well as its original owner. They run into a man at Akihabara and it seems that the number of cards has increased. After talking with his father, Henry realizes how deep this mystery really is. And to make matters worse, a new assassin from the digital world has appeared! Why was this blue card created? And will this new card lead them to the world of super speed?

18."The Beautiful Evolution - Taomon Whirls in the Moonlight"*
Description: Rika finds herself accompanying her mother to a modeling office. The fact that it was Rika there for a camera test was unexpected. Even worse, they gave Rika strange clothing that she was unaccustomed to wearing. Now the camera faces Rika. Rika, herself, is confused at this entire experience which she does not desire and her attitude turns worse. Furthermore, the flash of the camera strikes Rika's fear and she tries to find a way out of the studio. Rika wanders around Shinjuku following the call of her D-arc. Search as she might, Rika fails to find Renamon and worries that she'll never return. With these insecurities, Rika hopelessly returns home. On the telephone, Rika quickly inquires about the news of the new digimon discovered. Mixing the night and the moonlight, a beautiful soldier is born! What is the real intention of the digimon? Where is Renamon? Who will win the fight in the fog?

19."We Would Like To Be Strong - Climbing Impmon"*
Description: Impmon is disgusted with Calumon and his fondness of humans. So, Impmon decides to cause some chaos of his own. Impmon is unsure of the idea of love from humans. Watching Calumon, who is surrounded by girls, Impmon feels more hatred and repels a girl with a fireball. His low laughter seems to echo. After Impmon foolishly jumps into the digital field looking for the new digimon, he is told by the digimon that his tamer betrayed him. Impmon is just like the others... he had a partner once! This news pierces Impmon's ears. The confrontation is avoided when Rika and Renamon appear. The fight rages throughout the city and arbitrarily turns. And even the police are dispatched! With his pride damaged, Impmon continues to desperately hide his past. Now Impmon's inner fight has started. And what about his past? Who was his partner? What happened to Impmon? And what happened to his partner?

20."We Would Like To Be Strong - Climbing Impmon"*
Description: The peace does not last long. The new digimon, which appears again in the city, starts raging! The force of this digimon overwhelms the Tamers and they lose all their cards. But there is still hope. Takato's friend, Kazu, presents a single card to Takato. It's a handmade blue card! This is their last defense. Will the card of Takato and Kazu's friendship be enough to stop the digimon? Maybe a miracle lies in the card slash of friendship! Juri hold onto Calumon as she watches. She hopes for the best and Calumon begins to glow. Guilmon was a made up digimon, but anything is possible. Can friendship bring about an evolution? Is Guilmon's ultimate stage Megagrowlmon? And is this enough?

21."The Partner of Jeri - My Dear Leomon"*
Description: To help Jeri aim towards being a Tamer, Rika teaches her the method of the card game. The digimon, Leomon, appears before Jeri. Is this Jeri's own digimon? She's almost convinced! Jeri the Digimon Tamer! Why did Leomon appear? Will Takato's digivice help? And could Leomon be Jeri's partner? And if so, does this make Jeri a Digimon Tamer?

22."Vikararamon's Appearance - Protect Our Town"*
Description: An earthquake occurred in their town. While with Takato, Guilmon senses a digimon. After he does, the fog suddenly gushes in, swallowing the apartment complex whole. Finally, the large form of a digimon appears. It is Vikararamon. Even after Guilmon evolves, he finds he is no match for the digimon. Vikararamon keeps advancing and destroying all in its path. Yamaki prepares to activate the Shaggai system. Since there is a possibility of involving the children, Henry's father protests. But it seems that this is the only way... Can they defeat Vikararamon? What of the Shaggai system? And what is Yamaki planning?

23."Digimon Combat Mission - Advancing Towards the Wind"*
Description: The Shaggai is moving. Ruki is perplexed on which card to use as they continue their battle against Vikararamon. The power, however, keeps passing through the digimon. There seems to be an interference with the Shaggai system. Hypnos begins to collapse and Yamaki stays behind. From the grid in the sky, an enormous burst of energy hits Vikararamon, and the invasion continues. Takato becomes stronger - largely due to the fact that Guilmon has evolved. But they must be cautioned when facing Vikararamon. Takato shares his power with Megagrowlmon. Will it be enough? Who is this mysterious boy? And what is the fate of Hypnos and Yamaki?

24."To the Digital World - Going on a Journey"*
Description: By the appearance of the digimon, the actual world fell trapped into large confusion. The digimon have caused large problems of the country. There are times when even Yamaki is cautioned. There is trouble in the deep water of despair. In order for Takato to find a way out of this situation, he is determined to face the Digital World. The Tamers all introduce their digimon partners to their respected families and convey the effects of their roles, as well as the fact that they're leaving tomorrow. Are Takato and the others heading for the Digital World? What will be the repercussions of introducing their digimon partners to their families? And will they be able to save their world?

25."Thrust into the Digital World - Good-bye my Town"*
Description: Takato enters the zone that continues on to the Digital World. They see with binoculars the world where the Japanese map is reverse. The place where they arrive is wilderness. Takato raises a flag there. Looking through the binoculars, they continue on their way towards their goal. They pass by what looks to be simple rocks, but they're really digimon ready to attack them in the wilderness! Can they escape the Jagamon? What is this data stream? And could this be the Digital World?

26."The Valley Where the Wind is Strong"*
Description: Rika's health was thrown thickly in light. After being forced to run from a data stream, they themselves near a house. The wind attacks the house. The married digimon, Jijimon and Babamon, who own the house, come to find three tamers and a digimon at their door. They wish to repair the wall, which was broken by the wind. Kazu and Kenta pretend to be Digimon and fight each other in front of the couple. Is this a test of friendship? Is this what the Digital World is always like?

27."The Devil which Roars - Impmon's Evolution to Beelzemon!"*
Description: Takato and his group searches far and wide for Rika and the others. They figure they ended up somewhere else. Takato and their group find themselves at the Tsuchidarumon's village. The village becomes rough and tire tracks weave through the ground. An enormous motorcycle appears before them and it attacks Takato. It is discovered that the motorcycle is unmanned. The Tsuchidarumon take the Tamers in and tell them information. The Tamers believe they finally found a friend at this village, but then, suddenly the motorcycles attacks again! What is this motorcycle? Who are all these Digimon? What is Impmon up to? And what is this contract?

28."The Tamer of Legend"*
Description: Supposedly meeting at the point where the flag stands, Renamon and Rika go off and the two insecure boys follow them. Takato, on the other hand, wonders if Rika will wait by the place of their flag. Still, Guilmon could smell Renamon. In addition, it seems that Rika was thrown through a pillar of light to the place where the gear turns. A clock stands before them. Rika plays with the gears and hands. When Rika unintentionally touches one of the hands, it starts to move! The digimon locked inside continue to plea in a desperate voice. The clock was really a seal! The seal is broken and Cyberdramon reveals himself. Rika responds by evolving Renamon into Kyuubimon, but she is at a disadvantage. The digimon you have not seen then appears there. Who is this mysterious digimon? And who is the boy? Could he really be the Tamer of Legend?

29."Venture of Calumon"*
Description: Rika is still trapped in the world of the gears. As for Takato, he is temporarily waiting in the world of the monotone. Ryo takes Takato to a castle. Finding it apparently empty, Takato and the others decide to use this as a place to get some sleep. While searching the castle, Takato discovers Calumon riding Mijiramon! What's going on with Calumon? And can the Tamers battle Mijiramon?

Takato and others decided to return to the place where the Tamers flag had stood. However, the
Episode 31: "*The Friendship with Guardromon. I'm Hirokazu, The Fighting Tamer"
Takato split Guilmon and the others into groups. Although Kenta invited Guilmon to become his partner, her refused.When they stepped in one spot, the ground liquidized, and Kenta, Hirokazu, Juri, Ruki, Renamon, and Guilmon fell to the small Kojiki world. There was an unusual swamp. The Real World ball was fairly small. Since they heard a voice, they went to it. When they got there, an Andromon was there. It was injured. Andromon, Ruki, and the others watched the swamp. Then, Orochimon appeared from the swamp and Andromon was attacked. Andromon fought back, and his missile became a misfire because he was injured! Orochimon was looking and smiling at Juri. Hirokazu and others cared for Andromon. Smoke could be seen in the woods. When they ran to it, Gekomon were there. Gekomon and the others put a dust packet into a machine, and something was made. By the smell, it seemed to be alcohol. When they Tamers talked to the Gekomon, Orochimon came to the village. Orochimon said that he wouldnt digivolve if he didnt have alchohol. He made the Gekomon make alcohol. Although Orochimon wanted Andromon and the Gekomon to fight, the Gekomon did not participate. So the reluctantly fought. Gekomon pretended to be injured. Gekomon fixed Andromon whe he broke, and he was disgusted when Leomon had alchohol and a dust packet. Andromon could be repaired. Leomon, Hirokazu and the others would fix Andromon instead of Gekomon. Repair made Andromon dedigivolve into Guardromon. Then, Orochimon attacked and caught Juri! Juri was kidnapped. The Tamers wanted to find her. Hirokazu worried about Guardromon. Hirokazu and Guardromon would stay behind. Orochimon took Juri and jumped into the swamp. Orochimon took Juri to his Kojima. He wanted alcohol. Since Juris family owned a bar, she knew how to make it. So she did. Hirokazu waved a fan at Guardromon. He appreciated it. At the Kojima, Ruki and the others were trapped in a cell. When a Gekomon gave something to Orochimon, Leomon and the others ran out of their prison quickly. Juri thought that everybody came to help, and gave and the alcohol to Orochimon. But, Orochimon said that he became stronger when he drank alcohol, and he got more powerful. Leomon and others did not flinch from his power. Leomon attacked. However, all the heads that Leomon cut off were dummies! Juri begged for forgiveness for giving Orochimon the alcohol. Hirokazu was encouraged by Guardromon and he tried to card slash! He card slashed Ladydevimon and it worked on Guardromon! Orochimon was deleted. When the Gekomon could live peacefully, Hirokazu was glad. A D-Arc appeared in Hirokazus hand. Hirokazu became Guardromons Tamer!
Episode 32: "*The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mystic Water Space"
Takato and the others were underwater. Men in black clothing were under a blue sky. And one man was spoken to. It is Section Mizuno Gorou, Shibumis name. It is the man who has caused everything! Shibumi confusedly made a method of escape. If the men in black catch Shibumi, Shibumi would become smoke and disappear. Takato and others strayed into a cave that Terriermon dug, with help from the drill card. Janyuu, Jenryas father, and his friends explained to Takatos parents. Takato and the others couldnt escape the cave easily. An idea! The kids could send an e-mail!
Episode 33: "*Where Is Terriermon? Shaochung Goes to the Digital World"
Since Shiuchon didn't have Terriermon to play with, she was playing in the park, She accidentally fell into the Digital World Zone! A big rabbit Digimon was there. Takato and the others were riding on a vehicle that moved on water, since they were in the World of Water. Then, Terriermon heard Shiuchon's voice.
Episode 34 "*The Kindhearted Hero, Leomon Dies!"
Beelzebmon set out to beat Guilmon and the others so he could keep his promise he made with the Deva. But Guilmon knew that Beelzebmon was Impmon and hesitated to fight him. However, the Beelzebmons arm pierced through Leomons body!
Episode 35 "*The Name Is Dukemon! Extreame Evolution!"
Takatos anger caused Megalogrowmon to digivolve into an extreme Digimon. However, it wasnt how Takato imagined. Megalogrowmon became a savage beast. Probably because Leomon was killed and Megalogrowmon had too much anger. Takatos voice didnt reach Megidramon, the extreme Digimon. Makuramon was also in the world that would be ruined if Megidramon and Beelzebmon faced off. However, Beelzebmon grabbed Makuramons arm. He grinned...

*Japanese Translation, name/summary will change