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~Digital Shrine~

Welcome to the Link section!!! ^-^ I have a few Links up but if you have one that is a Digimon Tamer site, I would be happy to accept it. Just make sure that to e-mail me to check it out okay? ^^; Well Visit back to me soon!! ^-~

Amazing site with hot Digimon information. It also updates a lot too. lol Plus, it also has other anime there so check it out!

A cool website and has a lot of information of Cards, lyrics, and the shows. Check it out!

Another site which has all Seasons 1,2 and 3!! ^_~ It has stradegy guides on the Digimon Games on PSX so go by and visit there.

THE FANARTS ARE AMAZING!!!! I LUV THEM! =^-^= This site has really good fanarts of Seasons 1,2 & 3. It's a kawaii site for all you Digimon fans to enjoy.