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~Digital Shrine~
Japanese music

Here are the Digimon Tamer songs you've all been waiting for!!! ^-^ It kind of took me some time to do this but at least a few fo them are up and all ready to be downloaded. This music place will grow..until I don't have room that is. lol So enjoy!!!

The Biggest Dreamer

My Tomorrow ( AIM)


Digimon Tamers- Merry Christmas Meldey

One Vision



Boku No Tomodachi

Shaochung to Terriermon No Okkakekko Dexyuetto

The Biggest Dreamer- It's the Digimon Tamer's Opening Theme. Very Cool! ^-^;

My Tomorrow- This some is the first ending theme of Digimon Tamers. AIM sings this.

Slash- The First battle theme of Digimon Tamers!!

Digimon Tamers- Merry Christmas Meldey- This song is so CCUUTTEE!!!!!!! I luv it!! ^-^;; Only the FOUR digimon ( Guilmon, Terriermon, Culumon and Renamon) sings this. ( I'M NOT SURE BUT WHEN I LISTENED TO IT, ONLY THOSE VOICES I RECONIZED WAS IN IT BUT IT REALLY SEEMED LIKE IT. ^^; ) Well anyways hope you'll enjoy this one.

One Vision- THe THIRD battle song for DT. SO cool!!! Check it out!! It's NEW!!!N-E-W! NEW! lol; IT's fast, cool music to fit for a battle what are ya waiting for. >.>;

Mirai- NEW!!!!!AH!! My Favoite Tamer singing! ^-^;; *ahem*...This is Jenyra's individual song for this one. It's good so click it!

Momentai- NEW!!!!! Kawaii!! You should hear his's one of the cutest. ^-^

Boku No Tomodachi- NEW!!!This song is Jenyra and Terriermon singing both together. =^.^=

Shaochung to Terriermon No Okkakekko Dexyuetto- NEW!!! Whew!!!! This is one of the longest name song I've ever seen. o.o; want cute, I give ya CUTE!!! One of my favorite. should hear the background...* giggles at Terriermon whining* lol Check it out!!...if ya want cute.