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~Digital Shrine~
E-mailing Rules

Hey everyone!!! Sup?? This part of the site tells you if you're interested in sending fanfiction and fanarts for me to put up, here are some small rules to keep in mind. ( And please fix anything that is not acceptable or else I won't put it up. ^^;;; )

Fanfiction- Now readthis carefully if oyu want your fanfiction up in this shrine. I will accept them as long as it's Digimon Tamers. If it's a crossover and has Digimon Tamers, I will accept that. ^-^ When you send it to me, put down " fanfiction" for the Subject title. NO yuri or yaoi. I'm thinking about that one... so give me time. ^^;;

Fanarts- I will accept as long as it's Digimon Tamers and NO hentai. I will also think about that hentai part so you got to give me time for that one too. Hehe.

Suggestions- Questions or suggestions I will accept too! Oh yeah to be really nice, I'll let ya flame me..and maybe I'll put it up in my flame coloum if I have one. lol