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~Digital Shrine~

Febuary 8, 2002

Welcome to Digital Shrine. This site is a Tamer site! ^-^
I hope that you'll have some fun time with this site.

Hehehe!!!..guys...What you have been waiting for....THE EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!!! Mwahahaha!!! o.O ( lol; ) Well...I couldn't say exclusive..but ENOUGH!!! ( and maybe sweet too! ^-^ ) Wanna judge? Then read next paragaph to check out updates!

Episode Guides- I have added a few in new update ones from Japan. Enough to fill ya in on the new ones which already shown in Japan but not yet fully in English.

Music- FOUR SONGS!!!!! YAY!!! I'm gonna change it one day cause it's really taken space under this account. ( No, I'm not gonna delete it. * isn't that mean* Xx; ) I'll need to make pages but it should be quick. No worries! Just enjoy the four new songs in there! Jenyra and Terriermon's fully and an extra song you will definately laugh or just think it'll be adoreable! ^-^;

Fanfiction- I've started fanfiction! But go to Contact Me if ya have any please!!!!! I really need more Fanfiction. I only put up mines but you interested, check it out!

E-mailing Rules- Interested in sending, fanfiction, fanarts, suggestions...or even flames?? lol Well check out the E-mailing Rules and fully I mean fully read it!! ( Don't's not boring...)

Well I think that's it...That's all I can remember actually. XD But those should be it. Anyway, enjoy yourselves for the next update will be coming soon!!! Ja ne for now! =^.^=

-- Digitalgirl

~ Tamers Forever~ ( Merry Christmas!! from the Tamers)

~ Tamers Forever Always ~

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